I’m just a kid from Harlem, who God Chose to show his favor and mercy through!
Development Initiatives

Keynotes, Workshops, Leadership Brand Development Initiatives, Team Building and Organizational Consulting.


Organizations need leaders who have a leadership brand and bring their authentic selves to the workplace.

Balance & Alignment

Leading from a place of balance and alignment allows one to focus on the task at hand, and less on how to modify their presence. This leads to executive presence.​


Using a gamification and appreciative approach to empowering the self awareness we are able to blend the core principles of personal branding and leadership to create an unstoppable force of leaders who carry the company’s brand in their heart, mind and spirit.

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Personal Brand Development Speaker & Coach.
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I help leaders translate their education, experience & expertise into a personal brand that escapes the great resignation!


Turning leaders into brands and helping accomplished professionals succeed in business and entrepreneurship!
Development Initiatives

A unique and innovative approach to branding and positioning that transforms your presence in the marketplace to one that is magnetic because we now live in an attention economy.


We use courses and community to streamline your learning and integration of applicable business strategies that are lean and agile, borrowing from best industry practices and leveraging these forces to increase the impact of your business.

Balance & Alignment

We then apply Evidence-Based Coaching to support your growth through foundational business practices, marketing and messaging techniques, business media mastery, and how to become a the obvious choice in your space through authenticity marketing and establishing a fast track from your vision to a system allowing you to clarify, simplify and amplify, so you can improve productivity, profitability and predictability.

Shaan is a Forbes Coach Council Member and monthly contributing author. Additionally, he is a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network and a monthly contributing author for Entrepreneur.

Hey Guys, I’m Shaan Rais. I’m the author of the best selling book “The 7 Prerequisites to Success; Pathways to Paramount Performance.” I also wrote “The Phenomenal Leader: Learn 31 Styles of Leadership in 31 days.”

I’m a Husband and I’m a Father. I grew up Harlem, New York in the late 80’s and early 90’s. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what that era was it was the infamous War on Drugs, and my neighborhood was ground zero. Most of the people I grew up with did not make it out, but I’m one of the few who did, and I did it through God’s grace and mercy, and because of my choices.


I’m evidence that your life is not dictated by your circumstances or your environment, but your life is a direct result of your choices and decisions. I chose to change the narrative for myself first, then my family, and now I hope to change some narratives for you.


You are the sum total of your education and economy.

not true

If you don’t come from money, that’s how it goes.

not true

Your first 30 years in life dictate the next 50


I have a story to tell you, bear with me

Such as:

No one meets Shaan without committing to Do More, Be More, and Have More!

In early 2019 I was a Consultant in the state of New York, and I was speaking and training the workforce on the job and coaching in my business. By then I had a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Change and another Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology – both of my specializations are Evidence-based Coaching. I’m also 3/4’s through a PhD in Organizational Development and Change and 1/2 way through an EdD for Leadership for Change (that’s another story entirely!).

My plan is to fly the world speaking on stages and changing lives and then… Covid happens.

What did I do? I went live. On Facebook. To help people. I wasn’t on stage but I had a platform, and when things go wrong I run to the front of the plane and not the back. So, I’m going live regularly to serve people and strengthen them through the pandemic, and they tell me they want more. That’s when we started the Leadership Leverage Executive Coaching Community.

The people I serve are absolutely phenomenal, and they have the education, experience and expertise, but they don’t have a brand or understand business development. When they told me they wanted to be able to do what I did (by now, I’m coaching, speaking and making a living safely from the comfort of my home) I created Branded Like a Leader, my first 8 week online course.


At about 30 years old I realized that if I was going to be of any real impact and significance I had to go back and finish something I started decades ago… school. I also had a deep desire to serve people from the my background and demographic, so I went back to school and started a career in Human Services.


Let me tell you what happened… my goal went from helping as many people as I could to helping as many people as my company can.

The first real indication that I was born for this was that before 90 days passed we had amassed sales at 450K on Facebook alone with no ad, no sales team, no funnel and no campaign. It was just me and my homegrown team of renegades. I swear I have the hardest working team in show business! I joke that they sleep upside down hanging by their toenails and eat bullets!! LOL!

No seriously, now we have gone through Branded, Coaching, Consulting, Closing and at the time of this writing we are preparing for Speaking Like a Leader.

We have hundreds of graduates who have left their jobs, found their voice and confidence and also went from what we call, “Crickets to digits in the midst of the pandemic!” And now it’s your turn.

If you have the education, experience and expertise and want to turn your leadership into a personal brand or if you’re an event organizer and want me to come and light your executives, or staff, or sales team on fire 🔥 , I am only one touch away. Click the button below and schedule your call or book me to speak!