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Pathways to Paramount Performance


What Is A Personal Brand?

Have you ever thought about what your personal brand is? What does that really mean? Have you ever thought about how you enjoy your favorite restaurant? There’s an experience that you’ve become connected to which keeps you coming back for more. Think about the experience that people have when they encounter you and your business. Believe it or not, you make an impression upon them, either good, bad or indifferent. This training will unlock your understanding about what a personal brand is and how this idea affects your business. Part 1 will provide you with foundational insight about a personal brand. You will be able to create and or refine the experience that you provide as a brand. 

Part 2 of this training will provide you with the tools to strengthen your identification allowing you to increase your brand value. 

The 501 Marketing System - Preframe

What is a 501 Marketing System? What system do you have in place to move your business forward? 


Business 101

If you are running a business, there’s one thing that you should have at the center of your vision and that’s a business plan.


Freedom Run

Have you spent the past ten to twenty years trying to hack life’s purpose and secure the bag? Do you ever feel like you’re so close that you can actually taste freedom but your reality reminds you that you’re so far away? Shaan’s powerful session is mind-blowing, freeing, and liberating. This training is designed for the progressive thinker. You will be able to start a new path that will allow you to implement a strategy for obtaining your WHY.


Monkey Mind vs Money Mind 

What are your thoughts about money? What do you really believe about money? How have your thoughts served you surrounding money? Do you have money or does money have you? Shaan shares deep thoughts about the mindset that’s needed in business that will cultivate a greater relationship with money. This training dismantles stoic ideologies that don't serve today’s entrepreneur.



Your mindset has everything to do with how you function. Shaan facilitates a deep dive training about the mindset construct that keeps you from winning. This training strengthens the foundation of your ideologies while creating new ideas. Most of all, the training will assist you with starting the journey of a paradigm shift. 


Brand Clarity

Brand clarity is a powerful must have. In order for your brand to speak you must have clarity. This is a place of knowing that will allow you to transcend your brand from where you are now to infinity. Shaan’s training will walk you into clarity’s door and present you to a world that brings total entrepreneurial bliss. This session will open your eyes to where you want to go with your brand. Brand clarity will be a dominating voice in your business plan and when you engage with your ideal client. Your brand will never be the same after this course. 


Who’s Your Ideal Client

Are you in question about your ideal client? Do you know who they are? Do you know where to find them? Do you know how to find them? Knowing this will help you to determine many things about your brand and what strategies to implement. Shaan’s training provides deep insight on how to identify your ideal client. Knowing your client will send your brand to new heights. You will learn how to find them, clearing a path to dynamic engagement. 


Brand Story

What is a brand story? Have you heard this term before? What is the purpose of the brand story? Your brand has a story and your awareness of this will change how you think about your business. Shaan will break down the four parts to a brand story. This training will give you clarity on what a brand is, your brand, and your brand story. You will be able to share what your challenge was, how you were able to conquer it, and how to provide a solution, creating a win for your client. Knowing your brand story will unlock the power of your brand. 



It has been said that we live in a 3 second world. With all of the distractions, political, health related, all of the marketers, etc. it is true.​ How do you ‘cut through the noise’ and add your voice to the volume of messaging forever traveling though the Ethernet? This training is going to provide the ‘how’ to the ‘what.’ What Shaan is going to show you is how to stick out, and Brand Yourself and your Unique Value Proposition so you don’t get swept away in the Sea of Sameness.If what you want to do is find find your footing on uncertain terrain, if you want to find your Anchor in the turbulent torrential downpour and inundation of both meaningful and meaningless information, this training is for you!