Brand Clarity

  Refreshing Your Brand for the Modern Era

Every brand occasionally needs to refresh itself. From Coca-Cola to Disney, brands need to get with the times. It could be something as simple as changing the color of their logo. It could be something as complex as radically changing their brand voice, demographics, and identity. But either way, it's something that is natural: Brands that don't evolve are brands that die. In the eCommerce and online spheres, entrepreneurs are often finding that their brand development is accelerated. Their brand clarity can get muddled within a matter of months rather than decades.

Look to the Competition First

You want to look to the competition for two reasons. First, they already did the research: You want to know what they discovered. Did they find that people are more interested in something more family-oriented? Did they find that they needed to be a little more edgy? Either way, the second part is: You don't want to do exactly what they did. They already have the first mover advantage on any brand changes they made, so you need to go in another direction.

Don't Rely Too Much on Questionable Data

Companies today are frequently polling the internet for their brand information, and it doesn't help. The problem is there aren't any stakes when it comes to this type of internet data collection. Either use real focus groups or nothing at all, because online surveys will often lead your organization astray. Refreshing your brand involves dealing directly with people, rather than trying to get information from those behind a screen.

Ask Yourself What's Most Important

What are the primary features of your brand? While your brand may change on a shallow level from time to time, there should be elements of your brand, your mission, and your vision that you always want to stay true. For instance, a brand that is a forward-thinking one might always be focused on new technology, but what is "new technology" can change from era to era. The core of your brand isn't likely to change over time, only the superficial elements.

Look Into Modern Design

Designs for brands change very radically from year to year. It was only a few years ago that Wendy's and other chains introduced snark-filled social media profiles, and everyone's online identities shifted. Look at what is happening within the marketing industry if you want a greater perspective about current branding. At the same time, don't be afraid to go in a different direction if it's something you believe in. History is usually made of leaders rather than followers.

Weigh the Costs

If you're still uncertain regarding your brand identity, you may want to weigh the costs relative to either keeping your brand or modifying it. Your opportunity costs matter. If you believe that you can substantially increase your ROI through rebranding, you have no reason to avoid it. The only reason most people avoid re-branding in this situation is that they have sentimentality relative to their current brand. This is especially true for entrepreneurs with personal branding that is particularly meaningful to them, such as branding that relates to their family history.

Of course, brand development for entrepreneurs is different from brand development for larger corporations. Brand clarity for entrepreneurs is different from branding your business. Regardless of the type of brand development you do, Shaan Rais can help you develop your brand clarity, voice, and tone. Contact Shaan Rais today for help with branding your business or brand development for entrepreneurs.