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Are you struggling to become a familiar face in the marketplace? Still, struggling to find a firm footing in your business? Do you know your ideal client? Are you still prospecting?...

Branded Like A Leader is a must-have for any and every single person in business today. if you're an entrepreneur that has a business but no brand then 1. you're leaving a lot of money on the table and 2. you are operating a business that is vulnerable to the shifts in the global economy and risk getting left behind. 

Branded Like A Leader gives entrepreneurs a step-by-step playbook that teaches them how to position themselves in the market to flip the sales dynamic so that they attract prospects who try to close them. This is the course that crowned Shaan Rais The King Of Branding & Positioning. Using the very curriculum that he is going to show you, he was able to generate over $450K in less than 90 days on Facebook alone with $0 ad spend. 

The 8-week course goes through 7 different modules that will completely transform your business, and also you. Branded Like A Leader is not only a bridge to your ideal business but also a gateway to your ideal life. 

You are going to discover who you are, then transform your business to reflect your newly found self-identity before reintroducing yourself to the market as Branded power-house!


The Impact of Shaan Rais’s Coaching skills and the Branded Like a Leader Course is nothing less than invigorating. It is an intense commitment to yourself. The coaching philosophy is about positioning as opposed to prospecting. Its unique value stack has allowed me to attract my idea customer and repel tier kickers and those that are not ready to go to the next level of leadership. It has given me many strategies regarding how to find my brand clarity, so that I am positioning with confidence. By the way; the market response that been extraordinary! If you are tired of selling yourself and you're ready to position yourself for your idea customers you need to commit to Shaan Rais &
the Branded Like a Leader course! 


—  Emmanuel Manny Herron, Real Estate Professional


WHAT shaan HAS TO SAY ABOUT branded like a leader

I made a Brand Plan and took a Brand Stand, now they call me the Brand Man!


Branding is what transformed my life. It is the reason why I am where I am today and most like why you're even reading this. If you've heard me say "I went from cricket to digits in the midst of pandemic" then this is it. Branded Like A Leader was the shift for me and I know that it can be for you.

I can't begin to describe how your life will change when you get #brandedlikealeader. Your entire view of the world will shift because for the first time in a long time you're going to come in contact with you. That's right, you're going to come into contact with yourself. You see the thing is this...many people get into business without knowing who they are or even what they do. They don't know who their ideal client is or where they should sell their services and they definitely don't know why.

Branded Like A Leader is going to provide you with crystal clear clarity because It's about more than business, it's about self-awareness. It's about positioning. It's about how you can show up in the marketplace from a place of authenticity that radiates from your core and shines a light into the world through verbal and non-verbal communication. 

It's about applying evidence-based, Brand Psychology, and coaching methodologies to evoke business and life transformation.


In this course, we bridge the gap between the fortune 500 CEO and the everyday entrepreneur by exposing and applying the principles of business that have allowed the world's biggest brands to stand the test of time. 

I am thrilled to present you with this 8-week life-changing course. It's time to take your Brand Stand and create your Brand's Plan.

The is here and the time is now...

Let's GROW!


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