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What makes people gravitate toward a brand? What does a brand possess that normal businesses do not? Shaan's background in Industrial and Organizational or Business psychology enables him to answer this question. The answer is Story. 

Businesses are made of fiber and metal, steel and glass, finance, and research departments. Brands are made of people. People and energy, spirit and feeling, trust, warmth, and love are words commonly used in reference to a brand. 

A Brand is an Experience.

People choose experience over products or services all the time. This is why people travel miles to see "their" barber, even when there are hundreds of barbershops offering the same or even better services everywhere in between. 

Brands are different. 

What differentiates you from your competitors? Why will people choose to work with you? How will you "raise your voice" in a crowded market, 'a sea of sameness' vying for attention?

Your Story.


Your Story is unique to you. Shaan’s experience working with organizations, coaches, speakers, and leaders enables him to leverage this expertise in your favor, and he uses strategy and psychology to help you identify and develop your Brand Story.


The psychologies of Branding and Storytelling are the key components that move people to action… to Buy… to make a Decision. Shaan’s education in Leadership empowers his clients to become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and comfortable in their story and their skin. Comfortability in their Authenticity and Truth. 


It is this truth that differentiates you from your competitors and makes you easy to distinguish in a sea of facades and look-a-likes. Everyone is hiding, creating campaigns of complexity to mask their vulnerability. It is this vulnerability that makes you human. Real people relate to real people. Leaders are vulnerable, humble, and easy to distinguish surrounded by followers. 


Your Next Move…


You have a story inside of you. A story of overcoming, of winning, of turning the tables on adversity. Shaan’s experience and education in media psychology, marketing, strategic communication and content development will equip you to construct your vision, and connect it with your audience’s mission. 

They will elect you their champion, their advocate, coach, consultant, speaker, and their leader.


They will hire you and pay you a handsome living wage in equal proportion to the value you assign to your story.

Shaan will coach you to transform your life’s story into your Brand Story when you get #brandedlikealeader!

When you get 


You will...

  • Identify your 5 W’s – Who, What, When, Where, and Why

  • Establish Your Expertise Easily by Following the 10PD Framework

  • Put the World on Notice!

  • Align Your Psychology and Physiology

  • Change Your Attire to Match Your Desire

  • Speak With Crystal Clarity and ONLY to Your IDEAL Client



Entrepreneur, Vision Coach

Thomas Taylor, III

I've been working with Mr. Shaan Rais now for a few weeks, it's the #BRANDEDLIKEALEADER Course and let me tell you the course is FIRE! It's absolutely phenomenal! The things that he is teaching us in terms of stripping down our old philosophy and our old way of thinking and our old way of doing business.

Entrepreneur, Business Coach

Victoria Downes

Before I started working with Shaan, I wasn’t sure of how to package my expertise so it made sense for my ideal clients and also for me financially. Shaan was instrumental in helping me create the business of my dreams, which now allows me to serve my clients authentically without sacrificing my morals, values, and principles.

Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker

Masonia Traylor

I started working with Shaan Ra'is about 3 months ago. The level of growth, accountability, and language has not only enhanced my leadership skills but also has given me clear direction and value on how to scale my business while focusing on purpose, not passion. 

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