• Speaking Like A Leader
    Sep 05, 7:00 PM – Oct 31, 9:00 PM


When you think about luxury, what brand immediately comes to mind? What brand immediately pops up and just grabs your attention allowing you to create a vision of luxury in your mind so crystal clear that you can almost reach out and touch it? What brand achieves Top Of Mind Awareness?


True business mastery comes when your brand name becomes synonymous with what you do and in this 2 Day Business Branding Mastermind Shaan is going to go deep to teach you how to position your brand to stand out and dominate in your niche.


This is for you if you have ever felt like a disconnect between your business and your ideal life. Shaan's evidence-based, systematic Branding methodologies and tactics will teach you how to go from mind to market to money and will equip you with the systems and processes that can help you get double the results in half the amount of time, with one-third of the effort.


Branding Mastery is the ideal experience for the entrepreneur who has their life in order and is now looking to get their money in order by building a sustainable wealth generator that can stand the test of time.


When I started working with Coach Shaan and his Branded Like a Leader course, I had an idea of what I wanted my business to be, but there were a-lot of things I hadn't quite figured out. My entrepreneurial journey changed course the day I met Shaan. In the months to follow, time and hard work revealed just how much working with Shaan and his awesome team would change my life and my business. It will forever be one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business and my future. Although I'm an introvert he was able to pull things out of me I didn't think possible. He knows how to balance teaching and coaching with a level of skill that made every session profound. His dedication to build, empower, and equip each of us with Leadership skills and Branding knowledge is always just what we needed at that moment.


—  Genta Alyssa Allen, CEO Mindset & Profit Coach




Right now, I want you to imagine for a moment what it would be like to live a life of freedom, where your mind, body, spirit, and business were in complete alignment. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you create?


If you have ever wondered if that reality is possible, then I’m here to tell you that it is and also that it may be closer than you think. I created Branding Mastery because I wanted to teach people how to align their ideal lives with their business ambitions and endeavors. Too many times people struggle to achieve what they call work-life balance when in actuality what they should be striving for is work-life integration.


We want to integrate everything we do into a seamless flow that unlocks the real joy, passion, vitality, and energy we need to live the good life. And this all starts by tapping into and transforming, the psychology of the leader (you). Being able to make that critical shift, even if its by one millimeter, will change the entire trajectory of your life


Branding Mastery is built to bridge the gap from where you are now in your business to where you want to go by showing how to position yourself in the market so that you enter a “blue sea” , which is an untapped territory because you enter the market  with the kind of authenticity that cannot be replicated

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