Branding Yourself On Social Media

  The Importance of Branding Yourself on Social Media

Branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs doesn't just stop at a blog or a website. Branding yourself on social media is a requirement today, for brand differentiation and brand exposure. You need to brand yourself if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, and social media is the first place people look. But branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs is also very different from branding for large enterprises. Here are some tips for branding yourself on social media today.

1. Take Your Time Developing Your Brand

You can't brand yourself overnight. Take time in developing a brand, because it's going to be something that you're doing for the long haul. Realistically, it may be months before you start to get traction. But it will pay off because once you develop your momentum, you'll see that the momentum starts to build itself without any outside actions on your own behalf.

2. Consider Your Brand's Future Identity

When it comes to brand differentiation, ask yourself: How do I want my brand to be remembered? Sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees, and trends come and go so fast you might not know what you're actually moving towards. But when you think about how you want your brand to be remembered in ten years, you might be able to gain some clarity. You should always be branding yourself in a way that your future self would be proud of.

3. Don't Just Make It Commercial

Today, branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs is about personality as much as it is product. Your social media account shouldn't just be about selling things. Include commentary, witty banter, insightful observations, motivational quotes, and anything else that you feel is unique "you." The more people get to know you, your business, and your goals and mission, the more they'll feel as though they relate to you.

4. Be Consistent About Your Messages and Messaging

This means two things. First, you need to be consistent about your social media interactions. Spend some time every day responding to comments, posting new content, and otherwise engaging. Second, make sure your brand voice and messaging are consistent regarding your mission. Over time, you will get an audience that believes in your messaging. You want to stay on point if you want to keep them engaged.

5. Engage Followers One-on-One

Further to the above point, you should also connect with followers one-on-one. Respond to their comments, DM them, and respond to their DMs. Engaging followers on a personal basis is a great way to make them feel valued and to encourage them to communicate with you more in the future.

6. Integrate Your Social Media Branding

Integrate your social media content with your other content, to further improve your branding. Whether you have blogs, podcasts, or vlogs, you can ensure that these are promoted through your social media and that they all have a certain commonality. People will know what to expect from you, and they will get excited to consume more of your media, even if it is on a wider variety of platforms.

7. Engage in Paid Advertising

Paid or boosted social media posts are a great way to kick start a new social media campaign. If you haven't already considered ads, it's a good idea to consider them now. You'll be able to gain followers and thereby radically improve your exposure. And that doesn't include your followers alone: Followers also mean that there are more people sharing your content with others who may not be following you.

Ultimately, branding yourself on social media simply takes time and energy. You have to be as consistent as possible. You need to understand your brand and message. And sometimes you need help. Shaan Rais can help you. Contact Shaan Rais today to get more information about branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs.