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Truly great companies consist of visionaries and leaders who overcome obstacles daily in their psychology and then get things done through the people that they have on their team. It is not all about them. They increase revenue by increasing the right actions. 


Business improvement starts with a willingness to assess your current operations and determine where they might be falling short. Begin by asking yourself the following questions: 



Are you who you need to be?

 Listen, your profit follows your purpose, your income follows your impact. Are you devoting the right amount of time and energy to overcome your own limiting beliefs about your leadership? Are you developing into the leader you need to be in order for your business to do what you need it to do, or are you the gap, and the bottleneck?


After you honestly answer this question, the next one you need to ask is...

is your business Flowing?

Does your business flow? Is it organic, living, vital, and moving? Or is it stuck, static, frozen, and only moving when you push it or force it forward? Are you positioned strategically enough in the marketplace to attract a steady stream of your ideal clients because they understand your compelling communication?


When you are able to let go of daily operations because you've positioned in such a way that you not only attracted your ideal client, but you also attracted your ideal team, that's when your business begins to flow.

DO YOU have an endgame?

The reason why you started a business was that you desired to be free. But if you’re still going to the office every day then all you've really done is create another job for yourself. If you had a real business then why haven't you sold it, handed it over to someone else, or otherwise enacted your endgame? It's not about letting anything or anyone down, it's about leveling up, for those whom you did it for in the first place, and designing your ideal life.


If you didn't answer “Yes!” to the questions, above then there is room for improvement in your business.

Even the slightest shift in your mindset and actions can improve your business and create an entirely new level of success for your company. Take back your time and unlock the door to true financial freedom with the support of Shaan Rais's evidence-based, business improvement solutions.


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Whether you attend one of Shaan Rais’ business seminars live or virtually, you'll learn how to improve your company  by making small key shifts that  yield significant profits, and transform the entire trajectory of your business


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Shaan Rais Business Coaching is a future-focused, evidence-based process developed to streamline your results. Eliminate roadblocks and create massive growth using a personalized, evidence-based blueprint for success


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These workshops will teach you strategically, proven business development methods that you can implement immediately. You will learn the core principles that help businesses to drive results and ultimately become successful. 

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Learn on your own time with Shaan Rais' home and away Self Development Products. 

Origin Brand Story 

The source of limiting beliefs and habit patterns start in our story, our inner dialogue. The stories we tell ourselves dictate our self beliefs, world views, and it dictates our possibilities. When we unchain ourselves from the past and liberate our self concepts we are able to experience fullfilment and co-create our ultimate reality.



I believe that to be a great coach, listening is one of the skills that one must acquire and Mr. Shaan Rais exemplifies that skill well. As a newfound entrepreneur, I shared with Mr. Rais a brief moment of feeling overwhelmed with my process. He listened intently and made me feel safe, empowered and most of all encouraged me to keep going. Mr. Rais reassured me that I was in the right place at the right time and that I belonged in the space that I’ve been occupying amongst other awesome entrepreneurs. When he allowed me to share what was on my heart and mind that experience led to a tremendous breakthrough for me. Coupling my concerns with his great listening and strategic skillsets led to clarity for my brand in the very short time I’ve been working with him. That one experience has given me a new level of confidence about building my brand for my business.


—  Latrelle Allen, Actress, Author & Youth Advocate

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