The Business 2 Brand Bootcamp is for entrepreneurs and CEOs who have yet to find their footing. If you find yourself struggling to make sense of your business, and you have not really gotten a steady stream of income, and it sometimes resembles a drip as opposed to the rain you're supposed to be making, this is the group for you!

We are going to be going through the foundational business principles and tactics that allowed Shaan to go from Crickets to Digits in the midst of the pandemic. One thing that smart entrepreneurs know is that they cannot discover what success looks like on their own. 

The reason most people who try to be an effective CEO don't end up winning is simply that "They don't know what they're doing!"

Shaan wants to show you what you're doing wrong, and how to get it right.




What if you could cut that time in half or even less?


Listen, Guys, I've been there. I know what it is like not to have the money that I needed to invest to take my business and my life to the next level. It really hurt too. I promised myself way back then, that when I made it I would lower the barriers to entry so that everyone would have the opportunity to grow themselves if they were willing to.


I want to empower and equip you to show up as your best self in your business and in your brand as well. Being the King of Positioning & Branding prices can be pretty high in my world, and for the longest time, I only catered to the most Premium clients that came to me for transformation and leadership through coaching. 

Then I had an epiphany...

What if I empowered, not only the people whom I was coaching one on one but also the people who I was unable to coach one on one, through the people that I was coaching?

I know that's a lot, but just walk with me. The people who will be conducting the B2B Meetings are Top Level #BrandedLikeALeader Certified Coaches and they come with my seal of approval. They have survived some of my most brutal Business and Branding coaching, and they have utilized the morals, values, and principles that I teach, and they have transformed that into a livable wage, and have effectively freed themselves, and so now, they can free you too. 

I'll always be present, but this is the table that I made for you to be served by them, so you can get the most actionable instructions by those who were just where you are now. They came across my teachings and philosophy and their lives have never been the same. Now your lives will never be the same once you work with me, and them. 



The Business 2 Branding  Bootcamp is a commitment to excellence that grants you the benefit of having Shaan’s education and experience being brought to bear on your sticking points and areas of lack that you wish was abundance; like money, freedom, and more effective relationships. 


Through a series of structural group coaching sessions and one on one coaching sessions with Shaan's certified experts as well as access to the Number 1 Training Platform in the world, you will be able to scale your business and brand in no time!

This process is year-long, as there is no shortcut to success or a purple pill. Shaan doesn't believe in mysteries and if you want results, you shouldn't be 'spooky' either. Success doesn't happen through osmosis, it happens through smart work, dedication, and association with the people who are getting the results that you want to receive. 

Maybe you too will one day be one of my certified #BrandedLikeALeader Leaders and be walking other entrepreneurs and CEOs of start-ups through the preliminary stages of Business 2 Brand Development. 




This is for everyone who has a dream and a goal, and a serious enough WHY to push through the frustration and confusion. 


Coaches have coaches, everyone needs a mentor, and anyone serious about business has a business development coach or consultant, some have both. You are going to get the benefit of all the above here. 


In 12 months of working with Shaan in this capacity and likely before, your business will make sense to you, and you will begin to make money. You will also be able to scale to a larger package with Shaan. 

This is why this package was created, it was made to facilitate the transformation of phenomenal entrepreneurs and the next wave of CEOS and I think that's you! 

If you do too, read on. 




Leadership Development Expert and Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Shaan Rais is a Leadership Speaker and Executive Coach with a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, where his specialization was Evidence-Based Coaching and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Change, he is now engaged in an EdD Doctoral pursuit for his Doctorate in Leadership for Change!


His passion and purpose are to explode your business acumen and your success through the leadership development principles he has learned through 10 years of executive education and 15 years of business experience.


His recent resilience shown during the pandemic and his success through the worst of it leaves him singly the most equipped to coach you through business infancy to brand domination


Being the creator of the #BrandedLikeALeader course which has, and continues to, change the lives of everyone who comes into contact with it, while at the same time earning multiple 6 figures in less than 90 days resulting in worldwide press and impact in the business world for reaching this feat and going from Crickets to DIgits in the midst of the pandemic. 


Working with some of your most respected and well-known influencers and business magnates personally, has provided Shaan with the greatest example of Servant Leadership and what it means to truly overdeliver in every coaching encounter! Couple this with the 10 years in formal education, professional coaching certifications, and education in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development and Change, and now an educational doctoral pursuit in Leadership for Change, you know you’re working with the BEST!


If you’re ready to take back ownership of your life and time and be able to pour into the lives of others as you never have before, make sense out of your business and make boatloads of money through the establishment of a true to life brand then Shaan wants to work with you. It is Shaan’s pleasure to Welcome You to Business 2 Brand Bootcamp!





  • BRAND U - Starter Packages 

  • Leadership Chess Test Assessment & Brief 


Coaching w/Branded Experts

  • Group Coaching Weekly 

Personalized Coaching w/Shaan Rais

  • 1 Group Coaching Call Monthly



  • BRAND U - Starter Packages & Leadership Library

  • Leadership Chess Test Assessment & Brief w/ DEEP DIVE

Coaching w/Branded Experts

  • Group Coaching Weekly 

  • 1 on 1 w/Systems Strategist Monthly


Personalized Coaching w/Shaan Rais

  • 1 Group Coaching Call Monthly



  • BRAND U - Starter Packages & Leadership Library

  • Leadership Chess Test Assessment & Brief w/ DEEP DIVE

  • #BRANDEDLIKEALEADER - Recorded Calls

Coaching w/Branded Experts

  • Group Coaching Weekly 

  • 2 - 1 on 1 w/Systems Strategist Monthly

Personalized Coaching w/Shaan Rais

  • 1 Group Coaching Call Monthly

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