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ABOUT Shaan Rais


Leadership Development Expert and Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Shaan Rais is a Professional Speaker and Branding Strategist with a Master’s Degree in Evidence – Based Coaching and another Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Change. His passion and purpose is to take the world by storm with his time-tested leadership principles, evidence-based content, and high–voltage presentations. His challenging keynotes continue to motivate leaders to take ownership of their own development and revolutionize their persona in the organization, and outside in their personal lives. Through a significant social media presence, record-breaking online courses, and Leadership Leverage Executive Coaching Community of Entrepreneurs Shaan Rais has begun to Change the Face of Leadership and Business through Professional Speaking and Executive Coaching!


As CEO of his Leadership Development Consulting Firm, BLACK LEGACY LLC., Shaan Rais is positioned to streamline the ascent of the organization or the entrepreneur to heights heretofore unthought of with his disruptive keynotes, innovative workshops and appreciative approach to organizational and leadership development.

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shaan's story


Shaan’s Story of transcending shortcomings and less than optimal circumstances for success are the greatest example of the subtitle of his book: “The 7 Prerequisites to Success: Pathways to Paramount Performance.”

His relentless tenacity in not settling for less, or accepting his start as his finish, Shaan’s resilience allows him to connect and inspire others to overcome the seemingly impossible and transform their lives, the lives of their families, and their businesses. But they have to be willing to Fight.

His Leadership principles coupled with your organization’s vision and mission will tie your Leader’s Passion to People & Purpose and get everyone on one accord. 

Going from Crickets to Digits in the midst of the Pandemic, he helps the modern day Entrepreneur put 0's behind their numbers and make their yearly income monthly, their monthly income weekly, and their weekly income daily. 

His book; The 7 Prerequisites to Success: Pathways to Paramount Performance was widely acclaimed and has received warm welcome by the industry elites. With a two-page foreword by his Mentor and Coach Dr. Eric Thomas or ET The Hip Hop Preacher, Shaan is currently being championed by the Greats. Business Coach and Public Speaker Brian Tracy has also endorsed Shaan’s Speaking Voice & Introduction to the World. 

Drawing from humble beginnings and overcoming many struggles early in life to become a protégé of those he looked up to and going from a late adult education entrant to a Leadership Development Expert, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant and published Author is an inspiration to every level of Leadership. 

A true student/practitioner Shaan in a current student in, not one, but 2 Doctoral Degrees! He is currently enrolledin a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change, and an Ed.D in Leadership Development for Change. 


No one meets Shaan without committing to Do More, Be More, and Have More!