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Remedy B. is an Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Coach. With 17+ years in the nursing field. Remedy brings an eclectic and holistic view to the individual existing within the business context. Knowing the external success is not sustainable without internal wellness, Remedy helps high performance CEOs and entrepreneurs to tread that delicate line of mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. 

It is said that every organization and high performing Executive must have a secret weapon, well, Remedy would be Shaan Rais’ Secret Weapon. Being one of Shaan’s Coaches and confidants for the past 10+ years it only made sense that they form an alliance in the fight to free entrepreneurs and business owners from the mundanity experienced while trying to build an empire while tending to the day to day tasks as well.

Remedy is a Master at helping others to achieve balance, clarity, and maximum efficiency by focusing on her client’s ability to Focus. She is a masterful technician of communication, both spoken and non-verbal. Being a mother in the medical field for as long as she has, she is intuitive and senses things before they happen. Having Remedy on your Advisory Board is an Ace in the hand of any High Stakes Player. 
Take it from Shaan Rias, if there was one key to his rise from crickets to digits, Remedy and her insight and ability to say what is on her mind would be it.