OrgANIZATIONAL Development

When an organization is not moving in the right direction, it is not the fault of the people. Most people try to do things right, leaders are those who do the right things. 


Empower Your Organization through consultation

You may have the potential, but do you have what it takes to keep your company on top? Hand-selected and trained in Shaan Rais’ proprietary methodologies, our Business Optimization Consultants will empower you with the focus, insight, and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you crave. Every Shaan Rais Consultant completes over 250 hours of training annually to ensure they are experts in the very same strategies utilized by Shaan Rais to help thousands of people around the world. They’re also the strategies Shaan uses himself to achieve and sustain success. If you have the desire to reach your organizational peak performance and achieve lasting results for yourself and the people who follow your leadership, then a business optimization consultation is for you.

Key Benefits of Organizational development


Knowing where you are is half the battle. From here you can clearly see areas where growth is needed.


Gain better results through the application of the latest business optimization and development skills. 


When you understand your people, you understand how to optimize your organization.


Every organization is in the business of people. Grow your people and your business succeeds.

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In a Meeting


Shaan graduated at the top of both of his Master's; Industrial and Organizational Psychology - The science of motivation and performance in the workplace, and Organizational Development and Change - how to grow organizations in uncertain times and conditions through the development of people and resiliency.

Unlike other consultants or programs, Shaan's organizational development consultants are trained by him in proprietary methods of capacity building and leadership development. Through a mixed method of organizational assessments and diagnostics, combined with stretching and building your most important resources - your people, your organization benefits from adaptability, increased agility and they become prescient or anticipatory as opposed to reactive. They become proactive and able to utilize strategic planning to have multiple options to ward off any unseen circumstances that may arise. 

Contrary to belief money does not equate to safety or security in a large-scale business. You can't win tomorrow's game with yesterday's score. The way to retain the edge over your competition is through the implementation of a sustainable organizational culture of performance optimization and consistent improvement. You will learn the same techniques that Shaan has used to build his own organization and evidence resilience and results during economic collapse and social restructuring events.


Organizational Climate

Why wait until a problem occurs to learn that there was something going wrong? A focused leader keeps their fingers to the pulse of the organization allowing for assessment and development of the personality, traits, and behaviors of their organization. Think no surprises.


Organizational culture

Organizations have deep-seated norms, beliefs, and values that members share. It is very important to remain at the helm of this creation and to guide its development into the hearts of the people who bring the voice of the organization to the market. Think family, tradition, internal holidays, and comaradie.   

Most of us know what to do individually, but that doesn't always translate well organizationally. You hire the right people, you hope, and you trust them to get the right job done the right way in respect to your vision and mission. It is this alignment with your ideas that create synergy, and it is this synergy that brings an organization to life, vibrant vitality, and organic growth even in times of volatility and heightened uncertainty.

Ready to talk to a Consultant? – Get a free 30-minute strategy session to get started! In just one powerful session, you will:

  • Get absolute clarity on the top goals for your organization in the next year

  • Isolate and reframe limiting beliefs that have held you back from reaching organizational optimization

  • Devise a plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes

You don’t have to settle for the current reality - take your organization's future into your hands, commit to your organizational peak performance level and start getting lasting results today!


Organizational strategies

Working with Shaan's consultants, learn the best way to identify opportunities to implement organizational best practices from other industries. This Shaan refers to as 'spacial integration' allowing for winning strategies from other markets to contribute to your organization's edge.


Organizational Optimization

Your organization's success hinges on its ability to perform optimally. Through continuous performance management, Shaan will bring growth and scale to bear throughout your organization, fostering a system of optimization of performance in accordance with your long-term objectives.

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Results That Exceed Expectations


Improved Time



Increased Work Performance


Improved Time



Increased Leadership Effectiveness


Increased Confidence & Decreased Stress


Improved Health & Sustained Results

What Clients Are Saying



"Commit to Shaan Rais and his process. He transformed my entire organization within 6 months. I'm getting so much growth I never knew was possible!"



"After less than 2 months working with Shaan, I was able to realize 15K in less than 2 weeks in my organization. Which was more than the previous year."



"Working with Shaan Rais was the best decision I ever made in my organization. I'm seeing tremendous growth and exponential improvements"






Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of OD Consulting?

According to the Society of Human Resource Management Glossary, the goal of Organization Development is to increase organizational effectiveness through planned interventions related to the reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures and processes, resulting in improvements in productivity, achievement of goals and employee satisfaction (SHRM, n.d.). Hence, OD Consulting is more than just giving advice. Shaan Rais's OD consultants partner with organizations and focus on developing the systems, processes, structures and people within an organization with a goal of optimization. Executive and employee development and coaching, operational reveiew and process improvment, as well as retreat planning and team development and facilitation are just a few of the strategies deplyed by OD Consultants.

How long should I get a consultant for?

Most OD Consulting relationship and contracting last for a period of one year at minimum giving ample time to assess, diagnose, prescribe, implement and evaluate the results and overall improvment of an organization's health. Depending on where the organization is upon initial contact will determine the exact length and duration of engagement,

How does Shaan Rais OD Consulting work?

Our ODC come into your organization with a specific depth and breadth for organizational processes and operations. They have an innate passion and fascination with getting to know your organization as much as they can, identifying areas for improvment and then work with you to implement continuous improvement measures throughout the OD process to eliminate waste while leveraging strengths and utilizing an appreciative inquiry approach to miximization and optimization. We don't look for quick fixes or flash-in-the-pan remedies, a future focused and long term goal orientation is hard wired into our consultant's professional perspectives.

What do Shaan Rais OD Consultants offer that others don't?

Shaan Rais OD Consultants are genuinely interested in your organizational success and resilience. Shaan goes to great lengths to train and develop his consultants in the latest and most current, effective and innovative strategies surrounding organizational development and change, industrial and organizational psychology, human resources performance and management as well as leadership development, appreciative inquiry, capacity building and the expert use of psycho-metric instrumentation.

How do I get started?

To start experiencing your organizational health at the next level, schedule a 30-minute strategy session today. In your session your OD Consulting Strategist will assist you in defining your vision, setting goals that will challenge you and creating a plan of action that will allow you to achieve truly extraordinary results.