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Testimonials & SUCCESS STORIES

Shaan always says results trump talent. Hear from those who have gotten results from the Shaan Rais method of Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Brand & Business Optimization. Below you will find the testimony of those who have come into close proximity with Shaan Rais & The Brand. We are known to provide our clients with exponential results and quantum leaps instead of mere incremental gains. If that sounds like something you may be interested in experiencing schedule a call below.


Great grind day. So they said, coach, man, we need you to tell us a little bit about Mr. Shaan Rais. And I'm like, what'd you mean, you're talking about Shaan, the guru, the leadership guru that, you know, my man that does the leadership development, he's always sharp like a tack, are you talking about Shaan that's the executive coach, the consultant that has clients all over the country and is doing phenomenal work? Are you talking about Shaan? This same man that if I could tell him what my favorite superhero is he going to be able to tell me what my leadership style is? No, no. You're talking about Shaan, that has the Leadership Chest Test. I ain't never heard of that before him.
These frameworks, these protocols that Shaan comes up with are phenomenal. They work. And from a leadership perspective, I fully recommend, I fully endorse him. What he's been able to do in such a short amount of time with his experience, not just from an educational perspective, life experience, career experience, he is making moves and I fully endorse, I fully recommend that you work with the leadership guru, the executive coach guru, Shaan Rais.

- Kendall Ficklin