Educational Leadership Coaching

  Becoming a Better Lecturer with Leadership Coaching

Many entrepreneurs and business owners also find themselves with the task of being guest lecturers. Being a lecturer is a great gig: Not only are you expanding your sphere of influence and inspiring other minds, but you're also often paid quite a bit. But being a lecturer also means being an educator, after a fashion, and educational leadership coaching from an educational consultant could be necessary to ensure that you have all the information and training you need. Here's what you need to know as a higher educational speaker.

Sometimes Less is More

It's not always necessary to go over all the intricacies of a subject. There's actually only so much that a person can learn. Teachers discover the concept of cognitive load quite early. Once people have maxed out, everything else will simply be forgotten. Give a broad overview of your topic and go into the most interesting facts. Everything else can be presented as follow up material that occurs after the lecture.

Give Time for Questions

As a lecturer, you're not there to just give an appearance and then leave. Not giving ample time for questions means that students can't really take advantage of all the knowledge you have. If you really want to be able to mold and shape young minds, you also need to be able to engage in a back and forth with them. If you're not experienced or comfortable as a lecturer, just take your time. Most people will be understanding.

Avoid Digressions

It's easy to start talking off the cuff, but do keep in mind that most of the people listening to a lecture have somewhere to be after the lecture ends. You only have a limited amount of time to really make an impact on them, so avoid anything that is outside of your scheduled topic. While you can give improvisational asides, you should limit them to only a handful. Otherwise, everyone will be so distracted thinking about their next engagement that they won't think about yours.

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