This Brand built itself on FREE VALUE. When COVID-19 took place and everyone sat down Shaan stood up. He not only stood up, but he stood out. He stood out on the principles of FREE Value. He literally took to the streets... the internet streets that is, and he continues to give FREE Value to this day. Register below for the experience that sparked a revolution, and changed a generation!

You’re either building or you're destroying. Commit to continual growth, and use these free trainings and resources to get started. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep moving forward.


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Breakfast with the brand

Every Saturday Morning at 8am we are going to get together for a light Breakfast W/The Brand including Shaan Rias, his Brand Team, and we will be going over Branding, Leadership, The Power of Coaching, Professional Services and How to Protect your Business and Your Gift in this New World Economy (Business)

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brand advantage

7 Week Masterclass Reveals How To Attract Your Ideal Client And Build A "Pandemic Proof " Business Without Ever Having to Spend A Dime On Facebook Ads Again! Register Now To Join The Waiting List And Secure Your Spot


Alien Call

 We understand as leaders, that there are levels to Leadership. Being in league with phenomenal all out players is one way to stay a cut above the rest. So on Wednesdays Shaan provides this allegiance for All-Stars whose Leadership is out of this world. What you will learn here is Mindset, how to Organize your life and your day, how to Lead from a place of Service and Solutions, and overall Optimal Performance.



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