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Internal Circle ACCESS

If you're serous about going to the next level in your life and your business, and you're tired of wasting time running with people who aren't accomplished, and who follow more than they lead maybe the Internal Circle Access is for you. 

This is a 6 figure, and multiple 6 figure offer and only for serious people who are committed to excellence and understand what it is going to require realistically to have what everyone refers to commonly as "Freedom." Hence, freedom of time and money through a system of sustainable monthly recurring revenue that supports a luxurious lifestyle. Shaan Rais has put together an experience where you get to come behind the scenes with him and the Brand Team and see what it really takes to Build, Grow and Scale a multiple 6 -7 figure business.

This is not for the squash or for those who are unable to commit to more than just the entry fee. Shaan is going to open to you the exact investments, relationships and methodologies that he has utilized himself to go from what we like to call, "Crickets to Digits" no matter what the pandemic. 

You will be introduced to the Luxury Website, Logo and Brand Authority Building System that he has used. You will be introduced to a proven formula to garner your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Done For You #1 International Best Selling Brand Authenticity Autobiography, where you sit down with a Specialist and they write your Brand Story in book form, guarantees it's best selling status and gets you the Tier 1 press and publicity to support it. 

You will have 1 on 1 access to everyone on my Internal Brand Team comprising the Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, Personnel, Social Media, Client Care and Communications for breakout sessions to collaborate with on your ideas and projects. You will be invited behind the scenes daily, and be integrated into the framework of how we orchestrate absolute success and harmony at a Luxury Brand. We will also have opportunities to come together and meet at get-a-ways as soon as the current climate permits.

Please be advised that this is only for the most serious dreamers, and doers. Your work will not be done for you if you are not afraid to invest heavily for heavy returns, and if you're not a stranger to rolling your sleeves up and getting to the real components of what Business Mastery requires, we estimate lasting systems implementation and success at 18-36 months and this is why we do not work with anyone for less than a year. So, if you have a realistic understanding of the multiple investments, and you are ready to go from "Crickets to Digits" that are sustainable and systematic book your call below! We are eager to hear from you.


There is a non-refundable $250 investment in your discovery call, this is an indication of your level of commitment and willingness to invest in yourself.


Let's GROW!!