Mr. B is a Media Production Expert for the Shaan Rais Brand. He specialize in creating compelling imagery through video and photography that tells the story of the brand. He is the stamina behind the media content produced during the wake of pandemic.  

His formal education, film and television producing experience, and the ability to leverage has afford him to work with notable industry talent in front and behind the camera. The New York based producer understands the power authenticity, intentional imagery, and brand storytelling. He has strategically developed a quality reputation for videography, photography, video editing, budgeting, scheduling and supervising the production of commercials, television segments and music videos. 


Mr. B has a profound passion for serving freedom run leaders through the seat of creativity. His mission of media greatness introduces a narrative of change, cultivates progressive relationships, and secures a legacy of hope, love, and faith for my people.

Shaan Rais

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