Strategic Leadership Development


Increase revenue. Decrease doubt. Grow your business.

WHAT IS Strategic 

Leadership Development?

During this seven-month leadership workshop, you and your team will receive business training in leadership, emotional intelligence, and executive presence. Each month, Shaan Rais will train you, either personally, or through his coaches on how to collapse time through the application of strategies specific to effectively bend time and create 10 years of progress in two or three, or 5 years of results in one.

The business workshop is primarily facilitated by Shaan Rais Leadership Leverage Coaches, who have each undergone intensive business leadership development training programs to be certified as trainers.


At this time we are not traveling to organizations and all training will be handled remotely and virtually to ensure safety as per new Covid-19 precautions. As the business owner, you will benefit from one on one coaching while your team becomes acquainted with the revolutionary techniques and strategies needed to innovate and scale exponentially in these unprecedented times.  

Shaan Rais is a Forbes Coaches Council regular contributing author on "Strategic Leadership."

Shaan Rais combines Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Media Psychology to help businesses dominate.

Shaan Rais ranks as the “King of Positioning and Branding."


WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE Leadership development CLASSES?


Shaan Rais' Leadership Development training programs address every aspect of effective strategic leadership. This includes developing an abundance mindset and identifying any limiting beliefs that may hold you or your team back, taking steps toward emotional mastery, developing a time optimization system to leverage the most precious resource anyone has, and creative critical thinking which is key to delivering results in all areas of an organization.

Unlike other leadership development training classes, Shaan's courses address much more than how to increase sales or achieve explosive growth in business. His approach teaches you how to put impact over income meaningfulness over money and purpose over profit, which leads to more of the latter every time. 

WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM leadership development TRAINING?

Regardless of your company’s size, if you are ambitious and hungry for growth, and success, Shaan's unique approach to strategic leadership will serve to augment what you and your team believe is possible. The key determinant to an effective business is the psychology and effectiveness of the leader. Knowing this it is of the utmost import that you invest in the leadership acumen of every member of your team, remember a chain is only as strong and resilient as the weakest link. When everyone is a leader your business flows smoothly from process to process. This saves you time, money and provides peace of mind, which honestly is priceless, isn't it?


leadership development FOR BETTER outcomes. GUARANTEED.


Strategic Leadership Development focuses on your most precious asset - your people. People do not leave jobs, they leave leaders. In order to be the leader that your people do not want to leave you must grow yourself while growing them at the same time. 

Whether you have two employees or two thousand, Shaan's Leadership Development programs will teach you how to get the best out of each of your team members and foster organizational citizenship to take ownership of your business results.



Increasing revenue is one of the primary reasons business owners seek out leadership development services. Leaders are efficient at driving revenue at a higher level than those who wait to be told what to do or don't know what to do. When you invest in your leadership development you are investing in your future financial foundations. 



As a leader, you must always be on guard for peaks and always seek to augment and increase your leadership proficiency. Also, if you do not effectively develop the leadership of others you will forever be a slave to your business and it will not be able to flourish outside of your presence. This means you will never be able to scale without investing in the leadership of others. 


Executive Presence

The difference between leaders and everyone else is positioning. Leadership is a state, it is not a station, it is not a person, it is presence - Executive Presence to be exact. People are magnetically drawn to the charisma of the leader. Leaders transform, businesses transact, learn the difference with Shaan Rais Leadership Development Coaches. 


Communicate Effectively

Leaders must always be able to take charge of a situation and communicate efficiently and effectively. Leaders speak eloquently and succinctly, they do not waste words or time, and thus save precious time and energy, resources that can be more strategically allocated to driving revenue and creative critical thinking. 



Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with a Strategic Leadership Development Specialist today to learn even more about all the ways we can help you achieve geometric growth and beyond exponential results.


Coach Shaan Rais is downright PHENOMENAL! When I started looking for a business coach I did not have to look far. He just fell into my lap! When he believes in you there is nothing stopping him from guiding you in the right direction. His approach and his methods are unlike anything I've experienced and I've sat with some good coaches. He wants to see me, and all of us, WIN! I so truly appreciate him and his team. Such an awesome group of people!


—  DeShaun Monique Stafford, Positive Psychology Coach with an Holistic Approach


Over the course of seven months you and your team will get laser-focused in these seven areas that will skyrocket
self-awareness, emotional intelligence, performance and growth:


Being the master of your emotions is the key to being an effective communicator. In month one, you will learn three steps to emotional mastery and why this matters.


*Coaching Session Included*


Shaan's Attitude Adjustment method teaches the power of gratitude and goals to dial in your team's effectiveness and each member's organizational leadership.

*Coaching Session Included*


In month 7 we explore Shaan's TOR-Q Method of Time Mastery and your team learns how to collapse time and create the momentum needed to create a quantum shift in your organizational health and business results. 


Find out what it takes to create an innovative, healthy organizational culture in month two with a DISC personality assessment (The Leadership Chess Test) to improve recruiting, hiring, and placement processes.


*Coaching Session Included*


Developing strategic relationships and emotional intelligence are the key components of month 5, ensuring the anchors of behavioral and organizational development and change (OD) are driven deep into each member of your team.


*Coaching Session Included*


Once your mindset is set, our coaches will help you move on to optimize and maximize your current systems of engagement for massive growth in month three.


*Coaching Session Included*


In month 6 we recap the CLEAR methodology and framework to address any misconceptions or bottlenecks the team is experiencing in the implementation of what they have learned. 

*Coaching Session Included*



Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with a Strategic Leadership Development Specialist today to learn even more about all the ways we can help you achieve geometric growth and beyond exponential results.