Life Coaching

  Life Coaching for the Solo Entrepreneur

Life coaching is often thought to be the domain of CEOs and executives. Those who have high-powered jobs and otherwise work with many other individuals below them. But there's also life coaching for the solo entrepreneur, and coaching for small business owners. This type of life coaching is not very different from other types of corporate coaching and is often led by an organizational psychologist. Here's what you need to know about coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Life Coaching is About Getting and Keeping Your Life on Track

Life coaching identifies areas in which your life needs to function in better ways, and helps you not only improve your life, but keep those improvements. Often, people need an outside perspective to really dig into the problems that they're encountering in day-to-day life. You may be too close to your problems to see them for what they are. But a professional can help you figure out the things that could be holding you back from success.

2. Work-Life Balance is an Excellent Reason to Seek Out Coaching

Life coaches are a special type of holistic coach because they manage both the business side of your life and your personal life, too. Entrepreneurs, in particular, tend to blur the line between their professional and personal lives. This can be to the detriment of both. With the right life coach, you can find ways to compartmentalize your personal life and your career and find healthier ways to deal with both of them.

3. Sometimes, Therapy Doesn't Cut It for Solo Entrepreneurs

Therapy is great for emotions. But solo entrepreneurs also often have tangible problems. If their business is failing, they don't just need a therapy session to tell them that their feelings are normal. They also need someone to tell them what they need to do to regain control over their lives. Solo entrepreneurs need someone who understands them, who understands their challenges, and who can give them real, actionable advice about their professional lives as well as their personal lives.

4. Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Experience a Lot of Stress

It's stressful to try to be a business owner, especially in the current climate. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are juggling a lot of things, wearing a lot of hats, and desperately need someone else to tell them that they're right to feel as stressed as they are. Life coaches can help entrepreneurs and small business owners reduce the amount of labor that goes into running their lives, and consequently improve upon their own productivity.

5. Being an Entrepreneur Can Feel Lonely (and Paranoid)

Very few people can relate to being a successful entrepreneur. The more successful you are, the more isolated you can become. You may not be able to share your most recent exploits with friends and family. as they may not be as successful. You may start to get paranoid regarding whether people really like you for you, or whether they're just chasing after your cash. Your life coach can help you determine the healthiest ways to deal with these feelings and can help you restructure your lifestyle to compensate for these issues.

In reality, most people could probably use a life coach or an organizational psychologist. Corporate coaching and coaching for small business owners helps not only in professional lives but also in personal lives. If you want to improve your career and your work-life balance, contact Shaan Rais today.