Marketing For Small Businesses

  Creative, Localized Marketing for Small Businesses

It often seems as though most marketing development for entrepreneurs is on a global, not local scale. A marketing strategy online will usually deal with absolutely everyone, and most corporate consulting firms just assume that you want to advertise practically anywhere. But when it comes to marketing for small businesses, a local marketing strategy is usually better. Here are some creative ideas for marketing development for entrepreneurs.

1. Leaving Business Cards

A good business card means a lot. Buy some business cards and hand them out with personal notes on the back. You can even add little discounts on the back for people. It will make them feel special and make them less likely to throw the business card out.

2. Sponsoring Local Events

Local events like fairs and seminars are a great way to sponsor something and get your name out. Think about the charities that are closest to you; for instance, you could purchase a booth at a cancer awareness walk. Sponsoring local events gets your name out to the community and shows them that you care about them as more than just customers.

3. Putting Up Posters

Posters may seem antiquated, but they're one of the fastest ways to advertise locally. Just make sure to put them up in places you want to draw clientele from. Think about where your demographics are. Are they at the library? The pub? Put your posters in those areas, and you'll be able to attract them.

4. Talking to Other Business Owners

Go to seminars and other events that have other business owners. Often they know about things that are going on, such as small business association events. The more networked and connected you are, the more likely it is that you're going to be able to foster solid relationships within your neighborhood. And if anything bad happens, you'll be one of the first to know, rather than having to find out from the city or state.

5. Using Targeted eCommerce Ads

You can get targeted online ads that only go to those within your area. By targeting those in your area, you're limiting your campaign spend. You won't be spending money for a campaign that's advertising to people halfway across the world, and you'll be increasing your chances that anyone who sees your ad will actually be interested in coming down. You can increase your ad spend and narrow your focus to within five miles if you want to get the best results.

6. Making Pacts with Other Businesses

If there are businesses that aren't related to you, then they are businesses that aren't competition. Work with other businesses to promote each other. A restaurant can start promoting your coffee, and in exchange, you can give them a discount. Especially as you are first starting to grow, these types of pacts and agreements can really help you get a leg up within your neighborhood and community.

7. Sending Out Flyers to Lists

One of the most brilliant types of the campaign is a Home Buying campaign, under which a Home Buyer sells flyers to everyone within a certain neighborhood that they've deemed to be profitable. Most of those flyers will be thrown out, but only one person needs to actually bite for the campaign to work. And in return, the home buyer gets to purchase a home, and the home seller doesn't have to make any adjustments or improvements before getting paid out in cash. Flyers are great for everything from high-value home sales to home services like pest control.

Are you looking for local ideas for your small business? The marketing strategy is very different, but a corporate consulting company can help. Contact Shaan Rais today to schedule an appointment about your marketing process.