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Junior Frederick is a Brand Development Consultant, Business Coach and Marketing Expert. He helps entrepreneurs and business owners to identify gaps in their business and implement strategic solutions in order to solve them. His speciality is the development of strategic business systems geared towards increasing revenue, and heightening customer retention and customizing customer experience.

To date, Junior has worked with several entrepreneurs from various industries and niches from around the world, helping them to launch and scale powerful personal brands that produce more income and impact.

Some of his most notable work has been alongside Leadership Development Speaker, & Branding & Positioning Specialist, and Business Media Influencer Shaan Rais where they launched a campaign at the height of the most recent global economic crash to show entrepreneurs can build unshakable brands in the midst of economic turmoil using the Branded Like A Leader method.

This campaign took the world by storm, landing them in various publications such as NBC, Thrive Global, LA Wire, NY Times, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance. This became known as The Crickets To Digits movement having generated a record breaking $450K USD in less than 90 days with no paid traffic.

Junior has a passion for serving and helping entrepreneurs and leaders to elevate their mindsets, set big visions and implement strategic problem solving methodologies and evidence-based technologies to create their ideal lives.

He now serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the Shaan Rais Brand where he oversees daily operations in all departments including Sales, Marketing, and Service Delivery.

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Superpower: Strategic Design



“You can’t win today’s game with yesterday’s score”- Unknown


Our unparalleled success comes down to our highly knowledgeable and dedicated team.

Remedy B. is an Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Coach. With 17+ years in the nursing field. Remedy brings an eclectic and holistic view to the individual existing within the business context. Knowing the external success is not sustainable without internal wellness, Remedy helps high performance CEOs and entrepreneurs to tread that delicate line of mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. 

It is said that every organization and high performing Executive must have a secret weapon, well, Remedy would be Shaan Rais’ Secret Weapon. Being one of Shaan’s Coaches and confidants for the past 10+ years it only made sense that they form an alliance in the fight to free entrepreneurs and business owners from the mundanity experienced while trying to build an empire while tending to the day to day tasks as well.

Remedy is a Master at helping others to achieve balance, clarity, and maximum efficiency by focusing on her client’s ability to Focus. She is a masterful technician of communication, both spoken and non-verbal. Being a mother in the medical field for as long as she has, she is intuitive and senses things before they happen. Having Remedy on your Advisory Board is an Ace in the hand of any High Stakes Player. 

Take it from Shaan Rias, if there was one key to his rise from crickets to digits, Remedy and her insight and ability to say what is on her mind would be it.

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Superpower: Shaan's Secret Weapon



“Get it how you live it.”

Shatasha is the project manager for the team, the EA for Mr. Shaan Ra'is, and works in client relations with Mr. Junior Frederick. She currently has a Master’s degree in Organizational leadership and Entrepreneurship, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and is currently studying for her MBA in Project Management. She is known as the Powerhouse on the team for her skillful methods of getting things done and tiring up loose ends. Her superpower is her service to others. She can help others feel, believe, and know they have what it takes to get what they want.

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Superpower: Service to others. I have the ability to help others feel, believe and know they have what it takes to get what they want. I give people a safe space to be themselves and in return, they feel like the most important person in the world.



One of Shatasha's favorite sayings is I can, and I will. Watch me.

Jason Bunkley is a Media Production Expert for the Shaan Rais Brand. He specializes in creating compelling imagery through video and photography that tells the story of the brand. He is the stamina behind the media content produced during the wake of pandemic.  

His formal education, film and television producing experience, and the ability to leverage has afforded him to work with notable industry talent in front and behind the camera. The New York based producer understands the power of authenticity, intentional imagery, and brand storytelling. He has strategically developed a quality reputation for videography, photography, video editing, budgeting, scheduling and supervising the production of commercials, television segments and music videos. 

Mr. B has a profound passion for serving freedom run leaders through the seat of creativity. His mission of media greatness introduces a narrative of change, cultivates progressive relationships, and secures a legacy of hope, love, and faith for my people.

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Superpower: Strategic Design


MR. B.

"Life is like a CAMERA. FOCUS on what's important. CAPTURE the good times. DEVELOP from the NEGATIVES. And if things don't work out, take another SHOT."

Cassandra is a graphic designer and expert in website and UX design. She's worked with hundreds of international organizations and has created branding solutions for some of the world's most recognizable brands.


As a creative, digital thinker with a passion for solving problems she helps organizations (large and small) make their ideas a reality. Whether it's introducing a new brand, updating an existing logo, or undergoing a complete rebrand, her innovative designs stand the test of time.


Cassandra lives to create. In fact, outside of 9-5, you’ll find her pouring over design blogs and magazines, spending way too many hours on Pinterest and pursuing our own personal creative endeavours.

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Superpower: Mind Reader



"Hard works beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard" — Tim Notke
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