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Shaan Rais powerful system of products, coaching and live events are designed to transform your life. Live Your Legacy. Don't Wait To Experience Heaven. Start Now. 

Whether you are struggling to find your voice and identity or you're just looking for the right accountability community or maybe just instruments of value to achieve your goal, hopes, and aspirations. Shaan Rais personal development training will help you reach that. From transformational events to 1 on 1 life coaching Shaan Rais's evidence-based strategies will help you overcome limiting beliefs and realize the greatest version of yourself. Take the first step to designing your Ideal Life today. 

ProveN Methods For The Life You Desire 

Personal Development Training 

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Shaan Rais' live events are designed to take you deep in a way that facilitates growth, expansion, and fulfillment on an unprecedented scale. Choose the right one for you based on where you are, and where you're trying to go.



Shaan Rais evidence-based coaching model rests on one principle: Results. Using Shaan Rais' proven methodology your coach will help you to transcend limiting behaviors and beliefs and unlock fulfillment, passion and realization of your life's purpose. 

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This model of Group Coaching allows people the ability to connect on a deep level that resonates with respect, unity, and accountability. This is a great alternative for those who may be new to coaching or want an introduction to Shaan Rais' Systems.



Success is when preparation meets opportunity.  I must say that working with Shaan Rais has been key in me becoming positioned to win.  His Branded Like A Leader course has provided me an understanding of the value I bring to the marketplace as well as how important it is to build a brand.  He is a true leader that is leading me even further than I had imagined prior to us establishing a relationship.  Since the preparation piece is stronger than it was prior, I am seeing success manifest and I look forward to all future success that will come with each opportunity.


— Sean Thomas AKA Coach TITE

Training, just the way you like it. 

Learn on your own time with Shaan Rais' home and away Self Development Products. 


The source of limiting beliefs and habit patterns start in our story, our inner dialogue. The stories we tell ourselves dictate our self beliefs, world views, and it dictates our possibilities. When we unchain ourselves from the past and liberate our self-concepts we are able to experience fulfillment and co-create our ultimate reality.

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