How To Start A Conversation With A Prospect

Most business owners or salespeople start their conversations with prospects by pitching. And by that, I mean this "I'm with XYZ company, and we are the best. We are the most experienced", obviously a little tongue-in-cheek there. But that's what pitching is. It's starting the conversation in a way. That is focused on "Me," the Salesperson, and my company, but prospects don't care about you or your company.

So they will immediately tune out. You need to have an approach that is going to both set you apart from the competition and set you up as the expert in a way that will ultimately engage the prospect.

Now, let's get to the three-step approach to starting a conversation with any prospect.

1. Show that you know what's going on in their marketplace. When a prospect thinks that you're going to provide them with some valuable information, they will want to listen; so start off that conversation with something. This could look like this, "I'm seeing a lot going on in your industry." That looks like the following now that simple sentence is All about showing them the value. You're coming off as the expert because you see what's going on in their sector or their industry, and by doing that, they're going to see you as someone to listen to.

2. List three very common challenges that you both see going on in the marketplace. Include the challenges that you solve now, this may sound simple, but I find that a lot of times, many people get this wrong, so I would start with, "you know right now, I'm seeing a lot of companies that are struggling with…" and then those three challenges. Again, it shows that you know what's going on.

Some examples of the challenges that I might list off may look like:

"a lot of companies right now that I see in the marketplace are losing sales to Low-cost competitors,

or "they're frustrated with old sales approaches that just simply aren't working on Savvy Prospects."

or finally, "they're just finding it more difficult than ever to set really good quality sales meetings."

So, you can see what I did there is I listed off three straightforward challenges that are very likely to be relevant to my prospect.

What are those challenges that your prospects are facing that you solve? Think about those, write them out and start to incorporate them into your opening.

3. Engage the prospect with a question. A simple way to tie this off with a bow might sound like - any of those issues ring true to you by finishing off those three challenges and then asking a question like – "any of those issues ring true to you?"

You are encouraging them to engage with those challenges. And what you're going to find is that the prospect is going to say, "yeah, actually, we are dealing with one of those challenges."

And once you have that now, you can dig into that challenge, and the interaction is off to the races.

If you use this simple approach, you're going to accomplish a lot of things all at once your

Prospect is going to

-see you as an expert- someone who knows what's going on

- you're going to really engage them in a conversation

-and you're ultimately going to take that sales conversation down a very powerful path,

which is a conversation based on the challenges that your prospect is facing.

If you can accomplish those three key points, then you have just started a really effective sales conversation.

So now, you've got the best way to start a conversation with any prospect. I would like to hear from you.

Have you ever used this approach or a similar approach before? If so, what was the result? Be sure to share it below in the comments? And I will be sure to respond to every comment

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