Saundra Smyrski

Saundra Smyrski is the Elite Speaker Development Expert and Chess Test Strategist for the Shaan Rais Brand. 

By way of her unconventional leadership, Saundra develops revolutionary speakers through a problem-focused, systemic, and systematic approach. 

Being a Certified Extreme Execution Coach and Certified Speaker of Eric Thomas and Associate’s Game Changers program means that Saundra’s skills in Speaking & Coaching have been tested to the highest standard and developed to be outstanding and compatible with the #1 Motivational Speaking Brand in the world. 

Saundra has used her innate gift and polished skill set of substantive and transformational speaking, to win over hearts, transform lives, and receive Regional, State, and National recognition. 

Her passion and purpose is to equip leaders with pivotal framework and speaker refining opportunities, to deliver jaw-dropping, results-driven, and powerhouse presentations sure to present their value and WIN in the marketplace!