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Find out how I can help you achieve your goals faster by implementing the right systems and strategies.

Tired of knowing you’re the one but not feeling confident saying so?


These frameworks, these protocols that Shaan comes up with are phenomenal. They work. And from a leadership perspective, I fully recommend, I fully endorse him. What he’s been able to do in such a short amount of time with his experience, not just from an educational perspective, life experience, career experience, he is making moves and I fully endorse, I fully recommend that you work with the leadership guru, the executive coach guru, Shaan Rais.

Kendall Ficklin

Mr. Shaan Rais is an exceptional Leadership development coach. Shaan has helped me through many obstacles I have encountered while building my Insurance practice. Through his training, I have also learned many valuable lessons about life as well; his knowledge and wisdom are second to none.

Jason Rodriguez

CEO at Prominent Insurance Services

Usually when someone ask you to say a few words about me, you “try” to think of what sticks out. I can honestly say, I don’t have to think hard about Shaan. His leadership is proof. My ability to see myself going to the next level is proof. Thank you Shaan. We look back and remember the beginning of a great journey.


CEO at Prominent Insurance Services

Success is when preparation meets opportunity. I must say that working with Shaan Rais has been key in me becoming positioned to win. He is a true leader that is leading me even further than I had imagined. I am seeing success manifest and I look forward to all future success that will come with each opportunity.

Sean Thomas

AKA Coach Title


Michele started with no packages and no clients. Now she has 5 clients and a full calendar of strategy sessions and discovery calls, all within 2 weeks of working with the Shaan Rais Brand.


Jeleta doubled her income to multiple 6 figures, all within the span of 30 days.


Want to know how Leema was able to close a 30K+ package with an organization through her Coaching and Consulting Services?

Shaan's Prerequisites to Success; Hard Times, Failure, Acceptance, Paradigm Shift, Belief, Faith, and Tenacity are guide posts along the pathway to success in both business and in life.

Every successful person I know will tell you that they followed a path that led to their success. It may look different for each person, but the road remains the same with, success dependent upon how closely they followed the signs and stayed on the path. I can attest to the power and truth of these seven points as my personal path to success has led me to every one of these points. Sometimes, more than once. It's my pleasure to recommend Shaan Rais' book/framework to you. If you're already on the path or just starting out, Shaan's 7 Prerequisites to Success can help to light the way ahead!

Dr. Eric D. Thomas,
The #1 Motivational Speaker in the World!

Shaan has taken some of the most powerful personal branding lessons and put them into this book for you. He's a great student, and great students make great leaders. Shaan is someone I have both worked with and consulted with, advising him over several years and watching him evolve into a great leader in his own right.

Today, he teaches branding principles to businesses and business owners alike, and you have the privilege of learning some of his best personal branding secrets.

Unlike other experts, Shaan is an advocate for branding, and he also practices what he preaches. He promotes his personal brand constantly and stays on brand at all times. He has an excellent communication style, and I believe you'll gain a lot from this book.

Dan Lok,
The King of High Ticket Sales

The Leadership Chess Test and Leadership Leverage in general has helped me to strategize and stabilize my success. I understand now the importance of impact through positioning by studying behavior which gives me insight into my next move.

Nadira Lewis

Inspirational Life & Mindset Coach

I lead a Management Reflection Retreat for Executives once a year. I use the Leadership Chess Test to facilitate Strategic Communications Improvement. I also use it for my Executive Coaching clients as it helps them to Manifest Wellness. The top detractor in my experience is not knowing how to communicate effectively.

Leema Pasha

Executive Wellness Coach

The leadership Chess Test allows you to take a strategic look at yourself and your potential clients, allowing you to communicate more effectively to increase your closing rate.

Surprisingly, I found it to be more effective than some Quantico Trainings that I've had.

Veney Cochran

CEO Elite Justice Success Group & S.W.A.G. Leadership Development & Training

The level of growth, accountability, and language has not only enhanced my leadership skills but also has given me clear direction and value on how to scale my business while focusing on purpose, not passion.

Masonia Traylor

Mother. Speaker.Coach. HIV Advocate for Women & Youth impacted by HIV/AIDS

Shaan is not afraid to overdeliver. He is not afraid to give you the secret sauce. He is not afraid to give you the strategy to help you succeed and also to help you execute.

Shadonica Williams

CEO of SNW Coaching and Consulting

if you're out there looking at a program about branding I highly recommend you get involved with Mr. Shaan Rais #BrandedLikeALeader Course because not only it will change your mind it will also change your future.

Thomas Taylor III

Taylor your Dreams

Shaan Rais is a mainstay in the local New York Area.

Ixia Rodriguez

New York, NY

Shaan’s knowledge, experience and genuine interest boosted my results almost immediately.

Ronald Grandy

Published Author/CEO of Proficient Sheet Metal, NY

That one experience has given me a new level of confidence about building my brand for my business.

Latrelle Allen

The time, work, and investment is beyond worth it. The sky is just the beginning, let's grow!


Breathing SKY

In less than one week with Coach Shaan Rais, I had gained clarity in my Business goals and clarity in recognizing the Clients I am best equipped to serve.

Candace Keith

Spiritual Life Coach @CBeyond Systems

Shaan was instrumental in helping me create the business of my dreams, which now allows me to serve my clients authentically without sacrificing my morals, values, and principles.


Those two-months feel as if you’ve gone through a two-year Masters Degree program! I am so happy to have been in his inaugural class!

Madonna Brown

If you are tired of selling yourself and you're ready to position yourself for your idea customers you need to commit to Shaan Rais & the Branded Like a Leader course! 

Manny Herron

ncourage anyone that has a vision and needs a roadmap or Powerful Executive Coach---Shaan Ra’is is the one!  I went from a goal of projecting $12K a month to $500K in six months.

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