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Shaan Rais has dedicated his life to giving to others, from initiating programs in inner-city schools, and juvenile delinquent facilities. His actions demonstrate the morals, values, and principles he believes in. His ultimate message is to do more so you can be more so you can have more which will lead to you being able to give more

You've heard Shaan say he wears his values on his sleeve, here's the opportunity to wear and share yours. If you're interested in joining him on his mission to support underprivileged children who are growing up without a father, or single mothers to get an education to overcome the burden of poverty and lack of occupational economical viability and certainty donate to The Leadership Elevation Foundation and lets level the playing field for our young boys and girls, and men and women. 


  • Organizational Leadership Development

  • Youth Educational Leadership Development

  • Technological Empowerment- STEM Resources

  • S.E.L.- Leadership Development